About Coronis Property Management

Good people at your service.

At Coronis our promise to you is simple - to provide unrivalled service through effective communication, expert knowledge and a firm commitment to looking after your investment as it should be. Guaranteed.

When it comes to property management, personal service is everything and for good reason.


Its personal.

Our established team of management professionals are the key to achieving your goals. They are trained to provide you with quality information and advice to help you make informed decisions. More importantly they have the unique ability to be able to tailor our service to your requirements. You can have as much or as little input into the management of your property as you like. All you have to do is tell us what you need. Our fees for the management and letting of residential properties reflect the quality and level of service that we offer.

As with our Sales Agents, our Property Managers are among the most highly trained in the industry, which means you can be assured that appointing Coronis to look after your investment will the best choice you could make. Are we the cheapest? Probably not. It seems that there are now Property Management companies setting up office every day. In their efforts to try and beat their competitor’s prices they soon discover that they are unable to provide a consistently high standard of management. Inevitably the fees go up or the level of service decreases leaving your property neglected. Our fees are competitive, and while we are certainly not the most expensive we charge a fair fee for a tremendous service.

Which is why some of our customers have come to us after years of putting up with poor management of their property. They have tolerated mediocre service from other companies because they have presumed that all Real Estate offices are the same - they are not.

We strive to do things better. Client satisfaction is the only true measure of our success. Which is why at Coronis we manage one of the largest rent rolls in Australia. Our fees for the management and letting of residential properties reflect the quality and level of service that we offer.



We can boast the most extensive local database of prospective tenants as we are recognised as being the one of the first “ports of call” for tenants seeking to relocate. At no cost to you, your property will be advertised online, at all 20+ Coronis offices in South East Queensland plus a sign will be placed at the property.




Tenant selection

Our office recognises that selecting the right tenant for your property is often the single most important concern that you have. For this reason, we are particularly discerning when it comes to selecting quality tenants and matching the tenant to the property. Prospective tenants are carefully selected through both an application and interview system. ‘Gut feeling’ - there is no substitute for first impressions of people and it is for this reason that we meet all tenants prior to their application being processed. Previous rental and employment checks, as well as verbal references, are conducted. The greatest care is taken to ensure that the correct tenant is chosen for your property. Our philosophy is to always be critically selective with tenants, as our aim is for you to have a worry-free tenancy. We are also members of the Tenancy Information Centre of Australia (TICA). This gives us more scope to check the previous rental records of prospective tenants. TICA has proven invaluable in providing us with accurate information that the prospective tenant may choose not to include in their application, such as owing rent elsewhere. Wherever possible, we will take the time to discuss any applications with you. We will make our recommendation but feel it is important that you have the final say on who moves into your property.


Rent payments

Payments are made electronically into your nominated bank or building society account on the last working day of each month. They will be transferred overnight and be in your account the following day. Our accounting system is fully computerised using the best Property Management package currently available in Australia. Itemised statements are emailed each month showing all income together with all items of expenditure disbursed from rental monies. At your request, statements can also be posted.



Regular inspections form a major part in caring for your property and must be carried out to ensure tenants are maintaining the property to a satisfactory standard. Prior to each tenant’s occupancy an Entry Condition Report is prepared, thoroughly detailing all aspects of your property. In addition, routine inspections of your property are conducted two times a year. Following each routine inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report, with digital photos showing the overall condition of the property. These routine inspections will protect your investments, as they bring minor repairs and maintenance work to your attention. Owners can then forecast and budget accordingly for any upgrading work suggested in the report. If you would like to inspect your property, we can arrange this for you. However, we are required to provide the tenants with seven (7) clear days written notice.



To achieve continual occupancy and maximum return from a residential property it must be presented and maintained in the best possible manner. Neglect of minor repairs can lead to major expenditure and the loss of a good tenant. Our attention to maintenance will ensure that problems are resolved quickly by qualified trades people at a reasonable price. We will endeavor to contact you regarding all maintenance but if we cannot speak with you, we will proceed as outlined in the Management Agreement. Only tradespeople with Australian Business Numbers are used, ensuring quality work and with 20+ offices we are able to be selective with our tradespeople. Alternatively, your preferred tradespeople can be used, if you desire. Our staff are happy to advise you on the legal obligations of both the lessor and provide exceptional buying power to the tenant, with regard to the maintenance of your property under the Residential Tenancies Act.




Regular and accurate rent reviews

A continuing tenancy at a fair market rental will achieve a better return than a series of tenants at the highest rental obtainable. It is our recommendation that properties be offered on a fixed term of six or twelve monthly intervals. To ensure that the highest return is maintained on your property, we constantly monitor the rental market and review the rental prior to the expiration or renewal of each Tenancy Agreement. If your tenant does not wish to sign a fixed term renewal, they will automatically revert to a periodic tenancy and we will advise you accordingly. We can still review the rent at this stage by giving the tenants two months’ written notice of the rental increase, as outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act.


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