Accessing your equity

How much equity do you have access to?

What is equity? Home equity is the value of ownership built up in your property that represents the current market value of the property less any remaining mortgage payments. This value is built up over time as you pay off the mortgage and the market value of the property appreciates.

Keep track of your property value. Even if you're not planning to sell, you may be able to redraw on the increased equity in your home for that dream holiday or renovation.

To receive a comparison report of your property, simply fill in the form below.

Your report contains:

  • Prices of recently sold properties in your area
  • Specifications of your property including zoning information, block size and unimproved capital value (UCV)
  • Your report does not contain an exact price, though it will give you enough information to make a educated guess
  • You will receive a follow up call from a Coronis representative who will be able to provide you with an accurate appraisal

Once you have completed the form, you will receive the comparison report instantly via email.

Please note this service is only available on reports for the Queensland area.