#1 Cash Flow Killer To Your Investment Property

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Whether you own one investment property or are a seasoned investor with multiple properties, you will know that one of the biggest cash flow killers to eat into the profitability of your investment is having a vacant property.

Your bills and costs don’t stop just because you haven’t got a tenant paying rent. You will still need to cover the mortgage, insurance, maintenance and other expenses whether your property is occupied or not – so vacancy is an obvious drain on your cash flow.

Coronis rents properties within 10 days

At Coronis, we prioritize occupancy and have an Average vacancy rate for New Business of less than 10 days.

As specialists in the Queensland real estate market with our Senior Property Managers averaging almost 5 years working with us, not only are they experienced, they know what they are doing when finding new tenants.

From the best time to place your property on the market, skilled tenant selection and professional marketing campaigns that display your property’s best features, landlords enjoy the best care and attention to every detail from our team.

We also understand that our property managers have an important role in creating positive experiences with tenants to minimise tenant turnover. Communication is a key part of this

Avoid Vacancies with Coronis

Due to our stringent and seamless renewal lease processes, today we have almost 0% vacancies - and have been acknowledged for our expertise and customer service by several industry bodies with numerous Awards.

Not only are our Property Managers proactive with speaking with landlords and keeping them up to date at every step of the process, but our accessible and convenient Coronis Landlord Portal displays all updates throughout the vacancy period to keep landlords informed of how many people attended open homes and general feedback.

Talk to us today to see how we will limit the amount of time your property generates zero income!  For a presentation of our landlord portal, click here.

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