5 Tips to Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Home

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While renting a property, you can make it your own without permanent fixer-upper. Here’re five simple tips to add a personal touch to your rental property and make it feel like home: 

1. Zhoozh it up with plants 

Your rental place is bound to look homey with some indoor plants. It adds more life, greenery, and purified air. Don’t have a green thumb? There’re some true fighters that are hard to kill like a variety of succulents, aloe, peace lily, snake plant, or jade plant.

2. Accessorise

Throwing a rug in your living room, for example, can prove to be the missing link between just a rental place and homey paradise. This is your chance to add personality through home accessories. KmartBig W and Target are your best friends for homey stylish items like throw blankets, decorative pillows and many more useful items for your home. 

3. Lighting and mirrors 

Adding feature lights and mirrors will work to your advantage, visually creating more space. With advancing technology, feature lighting became even more fun with companies like LIFX offering convenient smart lighting solutions. With feature lights, you can accentuate certain feature of your home like a TV or a dining table. 

4. Add Storage

After visually adding more space, you might need to create more physical space by incorporating some storage solutions. Make use of space that you already have but don’t use like under your bed, under the couch or even under the dresser. But of course, if the height allows putting a storage box underneath. See underbed storage box. You can also create more storage by adding stylish baskets, boxes, or even ottomans with hidden storage.

5. Replace blinds and curtains 

Rental properties can often have older window coverings since they’re not updated every time a new tenant moves in. So if your property already came with blinds or curtains, you can take them off while you reside there, but be sure to put it all back when you move out. With stores like IKEA or Spotlight, you can find affordable, stylish sets that will lift up your rental place and make it your own. 

Even though the changes above won’t be an issue, it’s still worth discussing your plans with your property manager. Call us today on 07 3105 5777.

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