5 Top Features On Tenants' Checklists

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Regardless of how popular a suburb may be, tenants will always look for key features of a property and may be willing to pay extra for the creature comforts.

Ensuring your property caters to these needs will keep it in high demand for prospective tenants and also help increase your return.

1. Air Conditioning
South East Queensland is infamous for its hot and humid summers. It could make all the difference to prospective tenants' choice in house hunting.

2. Allocated Car Park
Popular rental locations are not generally located on quiet streets with ample street parking. Give your prospective tenants the peace of mind of having their own allocated car park.

3. Freshen Up
A fresh coat of paint, new floors and even replacing some fixtures can help modernise your investment, making it more appealing to new rentals.

4. Rarity
If there's a high level of demand for a specific property type but little availability in particular suburbs, it could help increase both your rental yield and capital growth.

5. Allow Pets
Close to two-thirds of households now own a pet. Because few rental properties allow pets, owners are willing to pay extra for a property that does.

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