6 Hot Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

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As winter is in its peak, there's no better time to turn your home into a warm and cosy abode.

Here are 6 hot tips which will keep your home or investment property warm:

Go solar and save money: Use the power of the sun to keep warm and cut energy consumption by installing a solar hot water system.
Warm up your patio: Winter doesn’t mean you have to be indoors. It's not too late to make use of your outdoor space this winter by installing an outdoor heater. If space is limited, consider a table top heater, backyard fire pit or some bright outdoor cushions and blankets.
Prepare your pool for the cool: Keep your pool free from debris and algae by monitoring the chlorine levels to ensure the pH level is between 7.4 and 7.6. Adding a secure pool cover will help protect the pool too.
Warm up in front of a fire: Not only is it stylish, a fire place also heats your home and creates a warm ambience. Choose from gas, prefabricated, masonry, pellet burning or freestanding – your options are endless!
Get your roof ready for the rain: Clear debris and check for rust or blockages before the winter rain sets in. Fix any cracked or missing tiles and have a professional roof tiler check the rook cavity for any leaks.
Seal in the heat: Ensure the heat from your home is not escaping through the windows or shutters. Boost your home’s thermal efficiency by replacing old single-panel windows with tight-fitting windows with low air leakage ranking (less than 0.3 cubic feet per minute).

 Want to know more useful tips? Click here to find out 10 tricks to reduce your energy bills in winter.

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