7 Organisation Hacks to Transform Your Pantry


Isn’t it satisfying to see a beautifully organised pantry? It inspires us to cook healthier food and makes it easier to see what you have. Organising your pantry is easy, especially with a variety of containers and baskets widely available in stores. Here’s how you can transform your pantry into a Pinterest inspiration with these simple tips:

1. Check the labels

The first step in any item organisation project around your home is to take out everything you have and sort through it. It is also a great opportunity to throw away any expired items and clear up space.

2. Sort into categories

The next step is to sort through what you have and identify what pantry items are missing. For example, keep tinned food together, packaged pasta together, souses, grains, milk etc. Sorting your pantry items into categories will also help you prepare for what types of containers and baskets you need and how many.

3. Use baskets

Baskets are a great and convenient way to organise your packaged food and unopened snacks. It will help you get more convenient access to these items. Make sure to measure your pantry, so you know what basket size you need for your items.

4. Stackable containers 

Taking advantage of stackable airtight containers will not only create more space in your pantry but will help prolong the shelf life of your items. Grains and nuts are prone to get pantry months, which can easily get out of hand, populate your entire pantry and contaminate most of your items.

5. Shelf riser for canned items 

There’re a couple of ways you can store your canned food, either by stacking them up by categories in the basket or use a shelf riser. With a shelf riser, you will be able to see all of your cans at a glance.

6. Utilise Lazy Susans 

Lazy Susan is a turntable tray that’s usually placed on a table or countertop, but using it in your pantry can create a lot of convenience for your essential items. Keeping items that you use the most like spreads, nut butters and jams at eye level placed on a Lasy Susan makes these items more utilised and easy-to-reach.

7. Label 

Labelling your items will help you remain organised and know what items you have in your pantry. Organising your pantry this way and labelling the containers, will help you create a shopping list much quicker as it will be easy to see what’s running low.