Bridgeman Downs Original hits market for first time in 40 years

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One of the very first homes built in the grand suburb of Bridgeman Downs has come on the market for the first time in 40+ years.

Spread out over a generous 803sqm, 17 Centurion Street was purchased by Eddie and Margaret Mead in the April of 1977.

During their four decades in the four-bedroom house, they have witnessed many changes around them – from new roads through to the construction of the Aspley Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket.

“When we bought here, we were one of the very first houses to be built so we didn’t have many neighbours other than Phillip the donkey, who would bray at the back fence for carrots and Lambchop the lamb, who loved being bottle fed by anyone and everyone,” Mr Mead said.

“In fact, we were lucky to have underground electricity when we moved in as it was quite rare back then, but as the homes out here were very grand for the time, they chose to install it.

“To put it into perspective how much the area has changed, Gympie Road was just two lanes, the other side of Ridley Road was bush, the Aspley Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket didn’t open until 1984 and there was a KMart on the corner of Webster and Gympie Roads… it’s been interesting to watch!

“But some things have stayed the same like the traffic lights at the Gympie Road and Beams Road intersection – back then they were the first set of traffic lights coming into Brisbane from the north!”

“It’s been a great family home for us and we loved raising our two sons, Paul and John here who went to school down the road at St Paul’s in Bald Hills, where they met a young Andrew Coronis.”

Mr Coronis recalled several stories about visiting the Mead residence as a teenager and divulged a lifelong secret about attending many parties at the Mead family home… unbeknown to Eddie and Margaret.

“I had a lot of fun growing up in this house, so to now sell it for Eddie & Margaret through our newest office, Coronis Bridgeman Downs, is really special for me,” Mr Coronis said.





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