Brisbane’s Most In-demand Rental Suburbs

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While the current median vacancy rate around Brisbane is 3.9 per cent, the rental market is blooming with demand showing a great year-on-year increase in renter activity. According to the 2020 Rental Spring Snapshot report, these are the most in-demand suburbs in Brisbane.


Currently, Brisbane is facing tight rental conditions, but it didn’t stop the demand, especially in the areas closer to the central area. This could be due to the decreasing rent in Brisbane CBD as a lot of renters had to initially move out during COVID-19 peak.

With such increased year-on-year demand, if you’re thinking of adding more investment properties to your portfolio, it's a good idea to consider these suburbs. This demand is likely to generate a healthy competition over your rental property, which will help you set up an effective weekly rent.

If you have any questions about what you could do to make the best out of your property portfolio, get in touch with your property manager here.

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