Brisbane Suburbs Experiencing Double-Digit Growth

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Despite a rocky period that the real estate industry has faced in 2019, some suburbs experienced a double-digit growth year-on-year.

Brisbane’s highest performer is Fig Tree Pocket, as its house value increased by 30.2 per cent, boosting the medium house price to $1.15 million. The hidden leafy gem is sought-after by families, with great amenities and reputable schools in Brisbane. It hosts some of the most beautiful and spacious parks all around the area along with amenities like the near-by Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to spend time with the family. No wonder, it is a popular choice for families, being only 10 kilometres away from Brisbane CBD. 

When it comes to Windsor, Wilston and Newmarket, these neighbouring areas share some of the best facilities to enjoy the inner-city lifestyle to the fullest. Located three to four kilometres from Brisbane CBD, Windsor median house price increased by 22.1 per cent, Wilston by 17.5 per cent and Newmarket by 10.1 per cent. 

The combined area has a lot to offer from the neighbourhood favourite hidden gem, the Crust & Co bakery, City Farm Nursery, Newmarket Village, through to recreational areas for the entire family to enjoy and schools with an exceptional reputation. With more families embracing the Brisbane middle-ring lifestyle, it comes as no surprise, these areas performed so well.


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