Can I move home during the COVID19 Pandemic?

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Moving home is one of life’s most stressful experiences however when you add in a health pandemic, it can become even harder. We’ve received a few questions about whether buyers, sellers or tenants can move during this time so we’ve collated some commonly asked questions and answered them below!


I need to move and need to inspect a property. Can I do this?

On the 24th of March, the Prime Minister of Australia banned Open Homes. These restrictions are yet to be eased as of the date of this article. However potential buyers and tenants can still view properties via Private Inspection. A maximum of two people are allowed in an available property at any one time (including the agent/ property manager) and social distancing guidelines must be adhered to.

Therefore, we recommend first viewing the listing online including reading the description and looking at the photos and virtual tour. If you are interested in the property after doing this, you can contact the agent or property manager to organize the Private Inspection.

Can I move into a new home during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The federal government directive is to stay home and only leave your property for a permitted reason (grocery shopping, essential work, exercise etc) however if your lease has expired or you have bought or sold your home, then so long as you follow the state’s laws on social distancing and public gatherings, then you are allowed to move homes.

Can I move interstate during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yes you can. The Queensland border is closed however if you’re relocating to Queensland to live permanently, you are considered an ‘exempt person’. At this stage you will need to apply for an entry pass and self-quarantine for 14 days when you cross the border.

Can I use a removalist?

Transport and logistics companies are classified as an essential service therefore yes you can use a removalist. We know how stressful moving properties can be yet alone without the help of a professional removalist so we recommend calling around businesses in your local area and discussing with them what precautions they are taking during the pandemic.

Can I hire a truck myself and ask friends to help me move?

The majority of car and truck rental services are still open so we recommend checking your local providers for your nearest option. If you’re thinking of asking friends to help you move, you will need to follow the nationwide social distancing guidelines which means there will be limitations on how many friends can help at any one time and how far they can travel.

 In saying that, the guidelines state we’re only allowed to leave our property for essential travel which applies to you if you’re moving house but not necessarily for your friend, therefore you may be better off hiring a removalist.

Can I still hire professional cleaners when vacating my property?

Yes you can, and the majority of cleaning businesses are still operating but again we recommend checking your local providers website to see if they are open.


We hope that answers some of your questions however if you wouwld like to talk to our team about any of your concerns, please start a Live Chat on our website or send us an email at 



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