Changes to COVID-19 Residential Tenancies Arrangements

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On 16 September 2020, the Queensland Government has announced some changes related to residential tenancies.

When COVID-19 first took over, the real estate industry had to make several changes to protect both landlords and tenants with a six-month eviction pause starting on 29 March 2020. Six months later, it will finish to apply on 30 September 2020. Despite that, many other support measures will continue to apply until 31 December 2020. Here’s more information about the changes from the Queensland Government website.

What will change from 30 September 2020

  • Fixed-term agreement extensions for COVID-19 impacted tenants.
  • Ending agreement provisions that prevent property owners ending tenancies with COVID-19 impacted tenants.
  • Adjusted rent and bond processes that support parties to negotiate arrangements to manage COVID-19 impacts on their tenancies.
  • Mandatory conciliation of COVID-19 related tenancy disputes through RTA.

What will continue until 31 December 2020

  • Provisions allowing tenants experiencing domestic and family violence to end their tenancies quickly.
  • Protections for tenants against being listed in a tenancy database for rent arrears caused by COVID-19 impacts.
  • Limits of reletting costs for eligible tenants who end their fixed terms tenancies early.
  • Short-term tenancy statement extensions for moveable dwellings.
  • Entry restrictions and requirements to support COVID-19 social distancing measures.
  • Relaxed repair and maintenance obligations.

Source: Queensland Government | Unite & Recover

If you have any questions about any COVID-19 related changes, speak to your property manager here.

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