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As of the last few weeks, our offices and team members have implemented a number of contact conscious methods to do our best in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 and have business continue as normal. 

Whether it’s in office or at inspections, we are enforcing a contactless policy, which includes shaking hands. At our offices and opens, you will find signs that detail alternative methods of greeting instead of shaking hands. While also promoting a safe and hygienic work culture, we are making sure to ask buyers/ tenants to use hand sanitizer prior to entering any property and to observe social distancing rules when walking around a property. 

We have also made sure to stock plenty of hand sanitizer at our offices for our employees and clients, and our staff are taking extra care in wiping down high use areas such as door handles and bathroom sink taps. 

Virtual open home tours were also rolled out of the weekend via Facebook Live to provide tenants and buyers an alternative option to inspect a property. If you would like to view a virtual inspection, please follow the relevant office Facebook page (search Coronis Stafford for example) and you will receive a notification when our team commences a ‘Live’ property walkthrough. For more information on a property or a virtual inspection please contact the sales agent of the specific property you are wishing to inspect or know more about. 

We thank all our clients for their understanding when approaching our team members whether it is in office, at routine inspections or during open homes. 

For additional information about the COVID-19 situation, please refer to the official websites


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