Coronis community gives back 1000 gifts for disadvantaged children

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Coronis has supported The Smith Family's Toy and Book Appeal for many years, and once again, the company's community came together to help spread the joy of opening gifts on Christmas morning to children from disadvantaged families.

Company's Property Management Director Jodi Ford said how they were able to raise so many gifts for the cause through the team's incredible efforts.

“This is what it is all about for us, giving back to the community that supported us throughout the years,” she said.

"Throughout the entire month of November, we put a call out to all our clients and the team across 24 offices to help us collect 1000 toys and books for The Smith Family.

"This cause means so much to us, so we wanted to bring our family together to help spread the joy of this wonderful season. It is heartbreaking not to be able to give a gift to a child on Christmas, and we did everything in our power to give back what we can.

"I'd personally like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for taking part in the appeal, and a huge thank you to our amazing team for helping us raise so many gifts that will help put smiles on many children's faces this Christmas."

The Smith Family’s Queensland General Manager, Alan Le May said completing school gives young people the best chance of experiencing a better future and breaking the cycle of poverty.

“So this Christmas, the best gift you can give is to change the course of a child’s life by helping us to support them,” Mr Le May said.

“The Smith Family was founded at Christmas time in 1922 by five businessmen who, aware of the extent of poverty in their communities, gave gifts to boys at a local orphanage. Each year we continue this tradition through our Toy and Book Appeal.

“While the focus of our work today is firmly on helping children by supporting their education year-round, it’s still a priority for us to see them included at Christmas and receiving a gift.”

Mr Le May added that the charity also hopes to raise $600,000 in Queensland, which equates to helping more than 1400 students by providing essential learning support and mentoring programs to help them catch up, and keep up, at school, so they can go on to break the cycle of disadvantage. Donations can be made via the website:

Australians can help this Christmas by:

Making a donation to help a child keep up at school through our reading and mentoring programs and after-school Learning Clubs.

Purchasing a toy or book for a child in need through The Smith Family’s online charity gift shop and/or donating a new toy or book.
Sponsoring a child to help them with their education over the long term.
Volunteering your time, skills and energy to support The Smith Family’s work.

For more information, go to or call 1800 024 069.


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