Coronis Conveyancing joins the PEXA Network

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Coronis Conveyancing have settled their first matter on the PEXA platform, Australia’s premier e-Conveyancing platform, which is transforming the settlement experience for buyers and sellers across the nation.

Coronis Conveyancing Director Nick Wiedman said PEXA was helping the property industry achieve greater efficiencies, increased security and a better overall experience for buyers and sellers of residential property.

“We’re really excited to be one of the first in-house conveyancing firms to adopt PEXA in Queensland,” Mr Wiedman said.

“There are a multitude of benefits for our clients wishing to settle electronically, including faster access to their settlement proceeds as they don’t have to wait for bank cheques to clear, greater certainty around settlement occurring on time and it actually saves our clients money by eliminating bank cheque and settlement agent fees.”

“PEXA also facilitates almost instant registration of titles office documents, whereas previously, it could take weeks for the property to register in the new owner’s name”.

“Another benefit of the platform is the ability to complete simultaneous settlement of property in different states, which is very exciting for our clients”.

“At Coronis, we’re committed to supporting our clients and implementing the best technology and systems to make life as easy as possible. We’re delighted to now be able to offer this service”.

If you would like to use Coronis Conveyancing and settle your next property transaction on the PEXA platform, contact us here.

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