Coronis Director celebrates 80th Birthday with Retirement

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Coronis founder and industry stalwart, Theo Coronis, celebrated his 80th birthday this week surrounded by family and 300+ Coronis employees at Victoria Park, more than 30 years after establishing the South East Queensland real estate business.

Mr Coronis, who commenced his real estate career nearly 50 years ago in Everton Park, also announced he was stepping down from his role as Director of the Coronis Group and was ‘semi-retiring’.

“I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together at the Coronis Group over the past 34 years,” Mr Coronis said.

“From a hole in the wall at Stafford, selling five to 10 houses a month, to a 22 office network selling more than a billion dollars’ worth of properties and managing 7500+ investments in 2016, it has been nothing short of an amazing journey and most definitely the most satisfying of my life.

“We have really created a family with an incredible culture at Coronis, it’s not just a place to work and get paid but somewhere to grow and become the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

“Even though I am stepping down as Director, I’ll never be able to switch off, even at 80! This company is in my blood and even though I won’t be working at Coronis HQ every day or attending the board meetings, I’ll still be in and out of the offices each week to keep an eye on business.”

Mr Coronis’ son, Andrew, who is now the Managing Director of the Coronis Group said the entire family was incredibly proud of the legacy their father had created within the real estate community.

“Not many people can say they have worked in the one industry for nearly 50 years, yet alone 34 in the one company with such passion and dedication,” Andrew said. “What he has built is an inspiration and I feel very honoured to carry on the Coronis name and guide this company through the next 30 years.”


From the entire Coronis Team, we just wanted to say we love you Theo: 







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