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There are a lot of things to consider when selling your home, especially if you want to sell it for a more premium price. We’ve asked our real estate agents to share their top tips to help you sell your home for a premium price.

An agency leader of our Springwood office, Shona McKenzie knows a thing or two about how to sell your property for the best price.

“In my area, it is all about the basics…make your garden and backyard look nice as it is the very first impression that your property makes on the buyer,” she said.

“There are plenty of cheap plants like sugar cane and fresh mulch that can make all the difference in your garden. I’d also recommend looking after your lawn and make sure to trim the edges as well.

“When it comes to the inside of your home, you’ll be surprised how much difference in your property value a fresh coat of paint can make. Other things include carpets, clear benchtops and surfaces, which all make a huge impression on your buyer.”

Chris Rhode, an area leader from Coronis North Lakes office, gave useful tips that can be easily incorporated inside your home to increase its value.

“In my experience, small things really add up and can really make an amazing impression on a buyer,” he said.

“It’s all about the clutter, scents, and light that contribute to the impression. First things first, declutter and clean your space starting from steaming your carpets to putting away any family memorabilia. Remember: less is more, always declutter – grandma’s china might be beautiful, but it won’t help to sell your property!

“If you have pets, particularly dogs, not having them inside the property for a couple of days will help with the smell. Also, I recommend doing a quick whip around before the open home to make sure there’re no surprises that your furry companions might’ve left. Placing around light smelling or neutral candles or diffusers will really help to create a great environment.

“To finish off, I always recommend my clients to use white lights throughout instead of warm or yellow, as well as open all blinds to show your home in the best light.

“Another tip to consider would be investing in professional property stager who can really make your property shine through beautiful styling solutions for open homes. While applying these tips can help you increase the value of your property by a fraction, you cannot ‘over’ market a home.”

One of our real estate agents, Solomon Michael from the Coorparoo office thinks it’s all about getting the key elements right to maximise the price.

“There are three main components when it comes to selling your property at the premium price: price it correctly, present it beautifully, and market it aggressively,” he said.

“When all of these components complement one another, you are guaranteed to get a great price on your property. I work with each of my clients to make sure we can get the best price for them.”

Utilising some of these tips along with getting advice from your agent, can really help you get the bang for your buck when listing your property on the market. Download the instant property report to find out how your property is currently performing.


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