Coronis Mortgage & Finance named state finalist at MFAA’s Excellence Awards

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Coronis Mortgage & Finance (CMF) has been recognised by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) as Queensland finalists in their upcoming awards in the Customer Service & Finance Broker Business categories.  

Coronis Financial Services Director Tyson James said how excited he was for the team to be recognised for their dedication to help clients, especially during the pandemic.

“We’re bringing a new standard to the finance sector, which is super exciting for me,” Mr James said. “Without our customer centric approach, there’s no way we could be even considered for this nomination.

“Last year we made it our mission to make sure all Coronis landlords had the support systems they needed to manage their loans with educational content and communication pieces to let them know we’re here if they need to pause or refinance their loan to a lower rate.

“We also offered digital meetings and calculations on how much money they could be saving by utilising record-low interest rates. That support came back tenfold as a lot of landlords are now referring us to their family and friends, which wouldn’t have been possible without our fundamental culture of ‘going above and beyond to help our clients achieve their financial goals.’

“With the help of a third-party partner ‘Asknicely’, we gather valuable feedback from our clients across their entire journey with our team from the first contact point through to settlement, even if the settlement didn't happen.

“This allows us to act on the feedback, see what needs to be done to improve and understand what clients really want and need. The fact that we implemented initial changes straight away has deepened our team’s connection with clients.

“Sometimes we have to have tough conversations, which means being upfront and honest with clients and telling them they’re not in a position to get a mortgage. But when we put extra care into clients like this, they’re usually the ones who have the greatest appreciation of our service, which makes it all worth it.

"This level of customer care is embedded in our team culture. Our large team of mortgage brokers all have valuable experiences and diverse client portfolios that they use to help each other to improve their customer care.

"We’ve been working really hard on our business to create a foundation of unity and strength for future growth, which is why we decided to create a mentor program.

“With the right systems, culture, support and mentors in place, we're now introducing a new wave of mortgage brokers into the business who will continue to deliver our standard of customer care and help elevate the industry as a whole.”

The MFAA has acknowledged Coronis Mortgage & Finance as a state finalist.

“Coronis Mortgage & Finance has been rewarded for demonstrating their professionalism, integrity, ethical conduct, growth and innovation,” the MFAA stated.

“To be recognised as a finalist speaks volumes of their exceptional practice and professionalism in the mortgage and finance industry.” 

Over the past 19 years the awards have played a key role i​n lifting the standards of service and professionalism in Australia’s mortgage and finance industry.

All finalists, including Coronis Mortgage & Finance, have an opportunity to be recognised as their state’s winner. State winners will then have the opportunity to win the prestigious national title at the MFAA National Excellence Awards in July.

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