Coronis rental data shows emerging opportunities for property investors

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As the Sunshine State embraces its lowest vacancy rates in over a decade, Coronis data proves a further strengthening rental performance across SEQ with new opportunities actively becoming available for property investors. 

Coronis Property Management Director Jodi Ford said how despite recent RBA cuts motivating tenants to purchase their own homes, it won't limit the amazing opportunities for property investors. 

"With the increasing tenant migration from NSW and Victoria coming to enjoy our sunny lifestyle, there's a strong performance in the market with the lowest vacancy rate of 

1 to 1.5 per cent that we've experienced in the last 12 months across our offices," she said. 

"While there are some interesting changes in vacancy rates due to recent RBA cuts, as our data demonstrates, it doesn't affect investments, creating a promising opportunity to get a great return on investment properties with such low vacancy rates. 

"Our state is becoming more attractive than ever with Brisbane's major developments like the new Moreton Bay University, Queen's Wharf, and Brisbane Airport's new lane contributing to a 10 per cent increase in enquiries for rental properties from the beginning of the year. 

"Looking further, our properties in Brisbane South get rented before the current tenants move out, while for Brisbane North, we've been able to find tenants in less than 10 days in Bracken Ridge, Mooloolaba, and North Lakes despite the increasing rent. 

"In North Lakes, in particular, we're seeing a strong competition over rental properties that boosted the rental price by $15 per week, with properties renting in just a few days compared to this quarter last year. 

"As we're seeing such phenomenal results across SEQ, it's an excellent opportunity for investors to get their hands on a property here in Queensland."



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