Coronis welcomes back one of its long standing agents

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REB Major Independent of the Year, Coronis, has announced one of their North Lakes Office top performers, Michael Fawcett Smith, has re-joined their company after three years away.

Coronis Hub Director Chris Rhode said he was thrilled to welcome Michael back to the team and be able to work together again. 

“It’s very exciting that an agent of Michael’s calibre is returning as we continue to grow our Hub in line with our Mission 10-4 Strategy,” Mr Rhode said. “He has so much to offer not only to his clients but to our team culture as well.

“We’ve already begun FY21 at a flying pace with five sales last week and Michael will play a big part in helping our team achieve amazing results for our clients across the Moreton Bay Region.

“Over the past four months, we’ve been operating from our new Hub in North Lakes and the team is settling in really well.

“I think the COVID19 pandemic demonstrated the effectiveness of our Hub model, and the importance of resilience, flexibility, and most importantly, a strong team culture to get through the toughest of times.

“In the past year, Coronis has actively worked on updating our commission and pay structures to put more money back in the agent’s pocket and I think it’s an exciting time to be a part of the Coronis team.”

Returning agent, Michael Fawcett-Smith who previously worked with Coronis from 2011 – 2017 and sold 30+ properties per year on average said he was grateful to have the opportunity to return to the business.

“Throughout the past three years, it’s been good to explore the real estate industry but given all the recent changes that have happened within Coronis and especially the new commission structure, I felt it was the right time to come back,” Mr Fawcett Smith said.

“The team at Coronis North Lakes is like no other so it’s great to be back and surrounded by old mates who are consistent performers in their core market.

“I’m really looking forward to working in the new Hub and having more people around me which definitely keeps the momentum and energy high. I think that makes a huge difference to any real estate agent if they’re having an off day or week.”

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