Coronis Welcomes Youngest Shareholder

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Coronis has welcomed their youngest-ever shareholder to partner with the South-East Queensland property services group, 27-year-old Tamika Kent, who is the Sales Manager of the Coronis Arana Hills office.

Managing Director Andrew Coronis said the leadership team had recently overhauled their strategy and have developed an aggressive growth plan to reach 40 offices by 2019, of which Tamika will play an integral role.

“Tamika came to us six years ago, with no real estate experience whatsoever and has simply thrived, growing from a buyer manager, into an agent into our current Sales Manager at Arana Hills,” Mr Coronis said.

“She is a very focused and motivated young lady who has brought a fresh set of eyes and vibrant energy to the shareholders group.

“We’ve seen her grow the Arana Hills office and build an amazing culture within the team and we’re confident she will add a powerful voice to our shareholder meetings and help implement our growth strategy effectively.”

Mr Coronis said the option to buy into Coronis was available to all team members who had worked at Coronis for more than five years to incentivise and retain successful employees and empower them to take ownership of the work they do.

Miss Kent, who started with Coronis in 2011 at the age of 21 produced her best year to date, selling 70 properties and earning more than $1 million GCI during the 2016/17 financial year.

“I’m very proud of what I have achieved this past year and being able to finally buy into this progressive company,” Miss Kent said.

“I clearly remember the first recruitment session I went to at Coronis where they said employees could buy into the company after five years of service and it’s been a goal to do so ever since.

“To be able to give back to the company, which has given me so much personally and professionally is an amazing opportunity and I’m very excited to help grow Coronis’ footprint and implement new systems and technology.”


PHOTO: Matt Anson (Miss Kent's fiancé), Andrew Coronis and Tamika Kent 



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