Don’t run out of hot water this Winter!

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With the cold weather and Winter now officially here, our friends at DC Electrical have created two great videos with important information about Hot Water Systems… after all, no one wants to have a cold shower in Winter!

These two videos are great for tenants or homeowners looking to troubleshoot or identify which tradie is needed to fix the issue.


Troubleshooting your Hot Water System

Two tips to help you work out what the issue is:

Is it a plumbing or electrical issue? And
Is the system itself hot and producing cold water inside or not

Once you’ve ascertained which one it is, you can contact the right tradie. Watch this 1:40 video for more information:



Topping up your Hot Water System

There's nothing worse then hoping in the shower to find you have ran out of Hot Water.

To avoid this issue, did you know you can easily top up your Hot Water System to assure you have enough to last the winter?



As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your rental property, please reach out to your property manger who will be able to help you. 



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