Easter 2020 - Fun Things to Do with the Kids!

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Easter is nearly here and with it brings a chocolate inducing food coma and time with family and children. With that comes entertaining the kids to keep them away from boredom so everyone can enjoy the holiday period. Here are some fun themed activities and crafts that work for either indoors or outdoors! 

1. Easter Egg Hunt around the house and garden - this is bound to bring out some healthy competition in adults and children alike. Plus who doesn’t remember doing this as a kid? 

2. Easter Egg Guessing Game - remember at school when you had to guess how many jelly beans were in a glass jar? Time to try it with easter eggs and then it can be a prize for the winner! 

3. An Easter Craft Corner - colour in bunny ears or easter egg baskets, creating your own easter eggs with paints. This will keep kids preoccupied for a bit, while also bringing out their creativity! 

4. Easter Egg Pinatas - watch everyone go crazy and scramble for the lawn when the first crack is made and they all fall out! 

5. Bunny Hop Sack Race and Easter Egg Lawn Balls - Both safe outside games to play outdoors for kids while also getting out some of the energy as they make a mad dash for the finish line. The sack race is a great addition to see adults get involved in as well. 

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