Everything you need to know about Property Managemnet & COVID19

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On Tuesday, 21 April, 2020 our Managing Director Andrew Coronis and Property Management Director Jodi Ford sat down to discuss the proposed rental reforms and the COVID19 pandemic is affecting Property Management.

It is important to note that the proposed changes had not been passed by the Queensland Government at this point in time (Queensland Parliament is due to sit on Wednesday, 22 April).

Below is a recording of the Facebook Live Webinar: 


Alot of our landlords have been asking similar questions which is why we recorded the above to help answer them all. 

To answer the top three questions:

1. While there is a moratorium on evicting tenants that can’t pay their rent until the end of September 2020, where a tenant is able to pay their rent, can a notice to leave with effect prior to the end of September 2020 still be issued?  

Yes a Notice To Leave can be issued. The moratorium only applies to those tenants who have been genuinely been affected by financial hardship. Landlords can still move into or sell their investment property as well as issue a Notice to Leave for non-affected Covid-19 tenants who are in arrears in addition to normal end of lease terminations. 


2. If a tenant was already behind in their rent prior to the COVID19 pandemic and had been issued with a Notice to Leave, is that still valid or will the tenant be allowed to stay in the property? 

Similar to the first question, the moratorium only appiles to those tenants who have been genuinely affected. Therefore the Notice to Leave is still valid and the Landlord can proceed to QCAT if necessary. 


3. Do all landlords have to extend a tenant’s lease until the end of September 2020 or can landlords choose to issue a periodic lease, as long as a Notice to Leave is not issued to a tenant prior to the end of September 2020?

The automatic rollover only applies to those tenants who are genuinely affected, therefore landlords can still end tenancy agreements as they have in the past so long as their tenant is not affected by financial hardship. 


Landlords & tenants can access the Queensland Government Hub here. 


If you have any quetsions about the above, or would like further clarifcation, please do not hesitate to contact Jodi Ford at jodi@coronis.com.au 



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