Finishing Touches To Help Sell Your Home This Spring

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Now that you are ready to jump on the spring market, it’s time to turn your listing into a picturesque paradise for potential buyers. Think of the interior magazine pamphlet or the IKEA catalogue with beautifully-styled rooms that look homey and inviting -- that’s what you should aim for.
Light it up
The best way to prepare your home for the spring sale is to lighten up the space to make it feel more open. Start with raising the window blinds or folding up curtains to the side to let the natural light flow through the room. To complement your space, make sure to update the light bulbs around the house and introduce some feature lights like floor or table lamps to add extra light accents.
The art of property staging
Staging your house for sale is beyond just decorating and cleaning, it’s about perfecting the art of creating a journey for your buyer. If you’re unsure how to accomplish it yourself, there are professional stagers who can help you.
How can you make your property stand out? Three major elements to creating a flowing and inviting space are arranging furniture in an appealing way, adding unique elements and showcasing different textiles and textures through décor.
There are also certain accessories that you can add to spruce up the space like mirrors, plants, silk flowers, throw rugs, ottomans, decorative pillows, and baskets. As a finishing touch, make sure to elute any odours and use diffusers to fill the space with pleasant fragrances.   
Like a cover of the magazine
Photos can really make or break the impression of your listing, as it is the very first impression that your property makes to attract a buyer. No need to say that professional photos are a must for your property, and usually your real estate agent can help you to get it sorted.
Zhoozh up your property photos with furry companions 
Who else can give you a warmer welcome when you come back home other than a furry companion? Including pet dogs or cats in the photos of your listing can make your property even more welcoming. It will make your potential buyer picture that moment when they get back home from the long day at work, and someone is already waiting for them, especially when two-thirds of Australian households own a pet.
With these tips for renovating, cleaning and styling your house for the spring sale, your listing will be so welcoming that no buyer will be able to resist the temptation. Are you ready to sell? Download an Instant Property Report to find out what your property is worth this spring.


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