First Time Renters: Are You Ready?

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Moving out of home or off campus accommodation for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience. You will have responsibilities which you probably haven’t had to think about before, like paying rent on time or putting the bins out on the correct bin day – and remembering to bring them back in too!

With the largest rent roll in Australia, Coronis property managers have seen it all and now, we're letting you in on the secrets when it comes to impressing your property manager.

Pay Your Rent:

The most important thing to remember when renting your first home is paying your rent, on time and in whole.

If you were living at home and paying board, you may be in the routine of weekly or fortnightly payments. But if you’re parents were nice by letting your board payments slide once or twice, build up or give you the month of July board-free, just remember you won’t have the same flexibility with your property manager. Before you get too excited about your independent status, take into account the cost of living. From the price of avocados, your rent and monthly internet, electricity and gas bills, your independence may be limited to how often you ‘netflix and chill’ compared to eating out five times a week. Budget for your rent payments and make them a priority.

House Inspections:

Your rental home will be inspected by your property manager or landlord to ensure the property is in good condition and to identify any routine repairs which need to be conducted. Your reasonability is to keep the house clean and undamaged. Our property managers have shared their routine inspection checklist, so now you can be one step ahead:

  • The property is clean, tidy and maintained to the standard when you first moved in (not including expected wear and tear).
  • The ground of the property is clean, tidy and maintained with no extensive damage or change from when you first moved into the property.
  • The property is not being damaged in any way. This may mean hooks in the walls, or outdoor items such as surfboards on being stored on and staining carpet.
  • No other people other than those listed on the lease/tenancy agreement are permanently living within the property.
  • No pets (which are not agreed to) are living at the property.
  • Any maintenance of the property that needs attending too (faulty gas stoves, electric garage doors, bathroom taps).


A notice that the property manager or landlord is entering the property to conduct a routine inspection must be issued, so don’t worry, you will have time to prepare. If there is an issue with the property, you will have a few days to resolve it too.

Take control of your rental payments and routine inspections to ensure your first rental is easy and enjoyable. Your property manager and landlord is there to make your living arrangement easy, so if you’re unsure about anything just ask. Looking to rent? Check out Coronis’ vacant properties in South-East Queensland here.

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