Five Lessons To Learn From The Rich And Successful

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There are certain behaviors that all successful people exhibit, as well as some that they do not. It's easy to say "just do it" but ultimately some of these are personality related but if you have the drive and determination to become truly successful, you will be able to at least put into action some of these. Chances are if you're reading this, you care enough to know most of these things, but they certainly bear repeating. 

  1. They Read

    Depending on their field, they read blogs, they follow industry leaders on Twitter and they do not balk at traditional intelligence on the subject. Many business people focus on innovation and technology to find the growth hack, but ultimately in many cases the best advice lies in old text. Think How To Win Friends And Influence People and The Art Of War. Haven't read either? Perhaps you should.

  2. They Embrace Failure

    Truly successful people employ the "fail fast" method of thinking. That don't get discouraged when they fail, they see it as a learning experience and they move on. Of course when it comes to property certain failures can be financial disasters but even catastrophic failure can be overcome. Some notable examples are Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Ariana Huffington and of course Steve Jobs who notoriously was booted from Apple, a company he founded, and brought back after helping make a success out of Pixar.


  3. They Associate With Other Successful People

    A good example of this is Napster founder Sean Parker, fresh off the collapse of Napster befriending budding billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, a friendship immortalised in the film The Social Network. Successful people will generally surround themselves with others who exhibit the same traits and alienate themselves from people who don't. Key for networking and key for learning through osmosis.

  4. They Monetize Their Own Hobbies

    It is hard enough to work hard on a low level job you don't love, imagine having to absorb yourself into a career you dislike to such a scale as to make a huge success of yourself. It's not possible. It is many a budding entrepreneur's light bulb moment when they find a way to crack into a career they can absorb themselves in with enough passion to spark significant career development.

  5. They Don't Make Assumptions

    Highly successful people don't make assumptions and they don't make excuses. They take things into their own hands to find the best solutions and to find the answers to the questions they ask. The solutions that lead to discoveries that make successful people extremely successful are rarely ever found without digging for a deeper truth.

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