Former Flight Centre Area Manager joins Coronis as new Hub Director

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The Coronis Group have this week welcomed Amanda O’Connor to their senior leadership team who will head up the western suburbs team as hub director.

Chief Operating Officer Karuna Dimelow said she was delighted to welcome another extraordinary woman to the Coronis leadership team and looked forward to working closely with Amanda as she stepped into the role.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Amanda to our team,” Ms Dimelow said. “She has the wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to successfully managing and nurturing a team and we know she will play an instrumental role in the growth of our western suburbs hub as well as our Mission 10 – National strategy.

“This year we’ve had a laser focus on placing the right people into our hub director roles in order to grow and nurture the teams in our newly created Hubs, and we believe Amanda with her 16+ years leadership experience at The Flight Centre Travel Group is the perfect fit.

“From our very first meeting with Amanda, she stood out to us with her passion for leadership, strategic thinking, ability to create a strong team culture and skillset to help her team members achieve their goals, which is exactly what we’re looking for in our Hub Directors.

“We’re in the final stages of restructuring our business in line with our Mission 10 – National strategy in order to deliver better leadership, energetic work environments and better solutions for our teams so it’s rewarding to see everything falling into place since we embarked on this journey in April 2019.

“The results we are seeing in our teams speak for themselves. For example, Steve Hirst stepped into the role of Sunshine Coast hub director in September, and his team achieved a 75 per cent increase in sales in October compared to the previous month, which can be attributed to having a quality leader they can rely on for training, guidance, increased referrals within the hub and better team work.

“Amanda will join Cassandra Saab, Tamika Kent, Anthony Hunt, Steve Hirst, Chris Rhode and Omar Mazzocchi who form our hub directors team.

“We always have been and will continue to be committed to building an inclusive and balanced team, so I am delighted that the addition of Amanda will add another female voice to our leadership team as there is a lot to be said for a diverse workplace."

Ms O’Connor said she was excited to join Coronis and for a new challenge to grow and nurture the western suburbs hub.

“Even though I’ve just joined the company, I can immediately tell how forward-thinking Coronis is and how focused they are on helping their team members become the best versions of themselves,” Ms O’Connor said.

“Over the years, I’ve worked in various roles within leadership teams, from managing the sales team through to coordinating departments across the country and creating outstanding customer experience, which I think will benefit me in this role and enable me to hit the ground running.

“The opportunity to join the Coronis leadership team means a lot to me and is a huge step for me, both personally and professionally and I can’t wait to get into the hub, get to know my team better and make an impact in the business and our local community."

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