Gold Coast Properties Create Demand for Auctions

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Many sellers are choosing to auction their property as this method has proven to create demand at the Gold Coast market. More buyers are warming up to purchase a unique property that they are willing to pay a premium price for. With a low number of listings put up for auction, there's no better time to go under hammer than now.

According to, with the average sale price through the private treaty of $539,503 and selling price of $878,295 through auction, Gold Coasters who sell their properties under the hammer can pocket up to $340,000 more.

Auctions consistently do better and give you the potential to sell your property quicker and for a more premium price. It allows for the best way to show how the market values your property and what people are willing to pay.

As discussed in our blog about the new wave of population, more and more people move from interstate to savour the dreamy Gold Coast lifestyle. With more residents coming from neighbouring states, particularly NSW, locals feel more comfortable about auctions as it's a more common way to sell in other states. So by emerging demand, selling your property through the auction will open access to the competitive pool of potential buyers that will create a momentum for your property to achieve profitable results. This way, you have a great chance to find a perfect buyer who will compete for the opportunity to own your property for a more premium price.

If you've been thinking of selling your property, consider putting your property under the hammer. Though it's important to note that this method is not suitable for all properties, so please discuss with your agent for options that will work best for you.

It is always a good idea to know how your property is currently performing on the market, download the Instant Property Report to find out now.


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