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This morning on Real Estate Business, Editor Nick Bendel penned an article about the new Google – Twitter partnership.

You can read the article here, but the general gist of it is that as of yesterday, Google started including tweets in its search results in America, which could impact sales agents’ search rankings who use Twitter.

 Google’s main priority is to deliver the most relevant results for its search users, not to increase opportunities for businesses.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the algorithm change is for Google to optimise the vast amount of content that Twitter generates on a daily basis, which will only benefit the two software giants and the end user.

If we drill down further, the way the Google knowledge graph works is that only certain elements of the graph display for certain things – therefore it appears that Tweets that are most relevant will display on ultra topical subjects, breaking news and events.

Now the real estate industry does generate it’s fair share of breaking news on social media, but considering that sales agents will be competing with the likes of politicians, governing bodies, banks and other strong corporates for breaking news in the industry, it is unlikely that tweeting on these subjects is going to achieve much cut through.

The other way that Tweets are likely to appear is on branded search. It is likely that if you have your website, Twitter and Google+ account all linked together, then at some point Google will begin to show recent tweets when people search for your brand. While this is a nice little addition to branded search results, it is unlikely to contribute much in the way of additional marketing benefit unless you already have a strong social media strategy underway.

Therefore – the key message to take away from this change is that it is going to benefit those who are willing to, or already have, an engaging and effective social media strategy involving Twitter. It’s not going to pay dividends to just post a few Tweets a week to get any kind of benefit out of this. Think consistency, not frequency. 

If you have a good profile, a strong content strategy and PR team in place, you will be able to use the algorithm change to increase your points of contact with potential vendors by participating in hot topic conversations. If you don't and you cannot devote the time to doing so, this is something to take a pass on.

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