Help us design a label for Fonzie Abbott Beer


In very exciting news for Coronis, we've decided to partner with Brisbane’s favourite brewery Fonzie Abbott to produce a custom labelled beer for our team to gift to our clients at settlement or sending through referrals etc.

We’ve always believed in supporting the community we operate in, so when the opportunity arose to partner with a local business and produce something really cool and unique, we couldn’t resist.

In order to come up with an equally cool label for our Fonzie Abbott beer, we're throwing the opportunity out to our community to come up with your own design and submit it for consideration. 

This is your chance to demonstrate your creative flair. Imagine how cool it would be to sip on the can of beer that has your design on it!

The competition is open to everyone who wants to participate, so make sure to share this with your friends, family and anyone who would want to take part in this.


Showcase your creative flair by designing a label to be used on Fonzie Abbott beer can. There’re no strict guidelines for the design, however it must:

  • Incorporate the Coronis logo with the yellow ‘C’ (#ffd100) in your design - which you can download here. 
  • The Coronis logo must be prominent but can feature other aspects of real estate... think houses, streetscapes, keys, sold signs etc. Fun fact... did you know our logo was based on the shape of the Google Pin?
  • Dimensions of the label: beer can 10cm H x 20cm W. Which will go on their 375ml can  Here are a few examples you can use as a reference. 
  • Necessary information that needs to be included - a placeholder barcode & legal information including the below:-  


F/A Brewing 41-43 Crosby Rd, Albion QLD. Brewed and packaged locally onsite in our brewery.

LAGER /  IPA: room to insert brief beer description and 1 standard drink (type of beer has not been selected at this stage)

10c REFUND: At collection depots/ points in participating State/ Territory of purchase.



  • To submit your design, send the high-res PNG / JPG version of the design along with the designer’s name and contact details to on or before COB 4 October 2020

The winner will receive the prestigious bragging rights of being Coronis’ beer label designer with your name / signature shining on every can. Plus you will receive the very first carton of Coronis / Fonzie Abbott beer that is produced.

*Please note that the final design may be adjusted to include all legal requirements of the alcoholic beverage