Housing Market Update February 2019

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CoreLogic has released their latest housing update for February 2019. Numbers show that dwelling values in Brisbane remain steady as rent prices continue to rise, with yields increasing from historic lows. 

Changes in Dwelling Value
Three months: -0.4%
Twelve months: 0.0%
Average annual growth past decade 1.7%

Median Values
Median Dwelling Value: $494,345
Median House Value: $540,750
Median Unit Value: $378,454

Rental Rates and Yield
Weekly rent (houses): $420
Weekly rent (units): $390
Gross rental yield (houses):  4.3%
Gross rental yield (units): 5.3%

Selling Time
Time on market (January 2019): 53
Time on market (January 2018): 39

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