How a Swimming Pool Can Help Boost Your Property Sale

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While summer is usually a busy time of year for pool installations across Australia, this year the trend is a bit different. Some pool companies are so packed on their schedule, that they’re reporting being fully booked for jobs until 2022.

Such surge in demand has come from the closed international borders as people are forced to spend more time in their own backyard. A similar trend is observed for heated pools or spas, with the current wait period of 12 months due to the soaring demand.

The demand is also surging not only because of the pandemic and people wanting to install a relaxing backyard feature, but the introduction of the HomeBuilder grant has also helped to boost the demand.

Does your property have a pool? If yes and you’re thinking of selling, your property has a huge potential to attract more buyers. Download our Instant Property Report to see how your property is performing in the current market.

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