How to Find Your New Home During Peak Season

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Since it is the peak season, it can get pretty competitive to secure a rental property with the increasing number of tenants looking to rent. So how do you make sure you find a new home during this peak time? 

Start the search early

Start searching for your next rental property about two months in advance. It's better to be prepared and have an idea about the rental market that's available for you at this time. There are also properties that may not be available to move in straight away. Ready to search? Having the second-largest rent roll in Australia, Coronis can offer you an array of properties that will suit you, your budget, and your needs. You can check out available properties here.

Inspect as many properties as possible

Now that you've searched for properties and found the ones that caught your eye, it's time to head for inspections. By starting your search in advance, you have time to inspect properties without a rush. Here's what to look out for

When you're heading out on the property hunt, remember to prepare all questions that you might need to ask the property manager at the inspection about the property. This is also the time to make a good impression – be on time, be nice, and respect the property you're visiting. 

Application process

There're a few things that you can do to ensure a smooth application prosses apart from making a good impression on the property manager. The very essential step in your application is to submit a fully completed form including rental references, personal references and 100 points of identification for each person over the age of 18 years old.

The next criteria the property manager or owner will assess is your financial status. Keep in mind that affordability approval is based on 30 per cent of the applicant's income. So, you need to show that you have the money for the bond and some savings to sustain the premises and prove to the landlord that you can consistently pay for rent. 

Upon approval, commit to paying your deposit and signing the agreement ASAP. Ask as many questions about any concerns that you like, it's better to address any concerns upfront.

Ready for a change? Now is the time to look for a new home with 2000 properties available to rent across SEQ with Coronis. 

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