How to get your home Winter Ready

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As we find ourselves spending more time indoors, comfort in our homes will become an important consideration to keep in mind during this current period and the incoming Winter season. Here are a few tips from us at Coronis to get you prepared. 


Check Your Gutters and Trees

Winter can wreak havoc on the weather, so now is the best time to prepare your trees and yard from the harsh winds that can be seen during these months. Remove weaker branches that may easily break off and go right through any windows. It’s also important to keep on top of your gutters from any leaves that may fall into them. Not preventing this can cause blockages which can then damage your pipes and can then cause household leakages. Prevention is better than the cure in both these instances.  


Check Your Electricity and Heating 

You may be tempted to have the heater on all time but it is smart to use warmth wisely so you aren’t leaving winter with a large electricity bill. Be conscious of how much electricity your heaters and big and small appliances use. While the sun is out, let all that natural sunshine and warmth into your living spaces, making sure to trap it in for as long as you can and close the curtains before it starts getting dark and cold. Even the smallest changes to your habits can make a difference to your energy usage and implementing a more mindful approach is something anyone can do. 


Ensure your Home is Well Insulated and Protected 

Unless your home is well insulated, it will not hold the weather at bay during these months. It is important to restrict and to control the moisture levels in a property by ensuring the roof is well insulated and ventilated, if not this can be causing your home to be either too hot in summer and too cold in winter. It is important to check and seal and large gaps in your windows and doors. This can prevent water from coming in and prevent any heat not escaping. 


Dust off your Bed Linen 

Winter also allows us to bring out our warm bed linen that has most likely been sitting in a cupboard since the end of last year's Winter. Make sure you give all linen  a solid clean before putting it to use. This will remove both that musty smell that lingers and also any built-up bacteria, dust and nasties that have made it home in the past months. 



Ideally your home during winter should feel cozy and warm as most start to spend their time more indoors. Just as we change our clothes to match the season, it is important that we change our living environment to match this. This is the best time to bring out textures, blankets and pillows. Your home should be a place that you feel warm in as soon as you enter, no matter the temperature. 


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