Investment Property Must-Haves

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Buying an investment property is a clever way to build wealth for your future. So, how do you find a property that promises continual capital growth?

In this article, you’ll find a list of non-negotiables for your investment property, ensuring your property stands out and stays in-demand.

An Allocated Car Park

We’ve all battled for car parks or the cost of renting a car park convenient to us. So if you’re investment property comes with an allocated car park to the property, it’s a big plus.

A Level Of Rarity

The equation for capital growth in investment properties is simple. If there’s a popular demand for a particular type of property, but there’s not many of those properties available, you’ve got a recipe for success.

Location, Location, Location

Being in a popular, blue-chip suburb is key. However, try buying in specific pockets of these suburbs. For example, choose a street with similar property types. Buying next to a potential development site may affect your property's capital growth in the future.

Focus On The Features That Are Everlasting

You can always add value to your property with a new kitchen, pool or complete renovation, but choosing features you cannot change will be a huge benefit. For example, the land size, position in the street and property position on the block.

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