Is the Number of Homeowners Wanting to Sell Increasing?

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For the seven consecutive quarters, home prices have been climbing due to the soaring demand and eye-watering prices. Has this influenced current homeowners to sell their property to get the bang for their buck? 

According to Domain data, most capital cities have recorded an increase in listings in recent months, with Canberra experiencing the highest increase of 64.3 per cent. Canberra though is not alone as this trend follows throughout the majority of the country. In Brisbane, there was a 7.9 per cent increase, with the majority of it being houses whilst the number of unit listings has declined.

Due to the high demand and property owners feeling more confident in the current market, we thought it would be a great idea to share this list with you. Below you can see the areas where homeowners hold on to their properties for 10-20 years, just in case you or someone you know live there, they might be sitting on a goldmine as the property prices across Australia increased by at least 10 per cent year-on-year


Robertson: $975,000; 19 years

Macgregor: $723,800; 16 years

Runcorn: $568,000; 15.2 years

Middle Park: $652,500; 15.1 years

Ferny Grove: $670,000; 14.8 years

McDowall: $712,000; 14.7 years

Taigum: $555,000; 14.6 years

Herston: $830,000; 14.5 years

Coopers Plains: $600,000; 14.4 years

Sheldon: $1,030,000; 14.4 years



Caloundra: $648,750; 15.5 years

Golden Beach: $712,500; 14.5 years

Battery Hill: $627,000; 13.4 years

Moffat Beach: $970,000; 13.3 years

Coes Creek: $549,000; 13 years

Diddillibah: $835,000; 13 years

Witta: $697,500; 12.6 years

Dicky Beach: $1,085,000; 12.5 years

Castaways Beach: $1,303,132; 12.3 years

Wurtulla: $716,000; 11.9 years



Toowoomba City: $397,500; 14.1 years

Placid Hills: $425,000; 12.9 years

Rockville: $285,000; 12 years

Harlaxton: $284,000; 11.9 years

Darling Heights: $357,000; 11.7 years

Helidon: $267,500; 11.7 years

Centenary Heights: $390,000; 11.2 years

Withcott: $480,000; 10.5 years

Mount Lofty: $471,000; 10.4 years

Blue Mountain Heights: $660,000; 10.1 years

(Source: REA Market Trends April 2021)

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