May Housing Market Update

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Core Logic has released their newest housing market update for May 2018 which reveals the lower priced end of the market showing better conditions than the higher priced properties.

This is likely the result of more first home buyers as well as affordability barriers preventing activity across the higher price points.

Generally, we are seeing growth conditions showing a mild pick up across regional markets, while the capital markets ease.

Brisbane Key Statistics

Change in dwelling values
Three months -0.1%
Twelve months 0.9%
Average annual growth past decade 0.9%

Rental rates and yields
Weekly rent
Houses $420
Units $380

Gross rental yield
Houses 4.2%
Units 5.4%

Median prices
(based on sales over past three months)
Median dwelling value $492,911
Median house value $535292
Median unit value $384,970

Selling time and discounting
Time on market
April 2018: 53 days
April 2017:47 days

Vendor discount
April 2018: -5.6%
April 2017: -5.7%



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