More People are Choosing to Live Closer to Their Loved Ones

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COVID-19 has brought us closer together, as we had to stay at home and not be able to visit our friends and family. A survey by RSL Art Union has measured what Australians value more in their dream home whether it be close proximity to work or living close to friends and family. 

The first round of this survey was conducted in December 2019. It found that 14 per cent of respondents valued proximity to work or other regularly visited places over living close to friends and family, which was 10 per cent of respondents. However, the most recent data of this survey conducted in May had demonstrated a shift in values of Aussie families. Now, according to the survey data, 77 per cent of respondents value proximity to family rather than work.

There are several factors that contributed to such a drastic shift. Due to the global pandemic, we were required to isolate with our household along with restrictions on travelling and seeing friends and family. As a result, we didn’t have a chance to visit our loved ones for a long time, which is definitely a contributor to the shift in values displayed in the survey data. 

On another note, our work and schools had to move into the digital space, so even after easing restriction and opportunity to return to the office, now more people prefer working from home than ever before. It especially reflects on their preference when looking for a property to buy or rent, as having a spare room that can be transformed into a home office is a growing demand. It may stay this way as we experience more comfort in working from anywhere we like while having our friends and family close by.

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