Moving? Here’re Some Tips to Help You Avoid a Disaster

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With the rental season peaking, a lot of people are currently on the move. If you’re one of them, you might find these tips useful.

Set up utilities in advance

If the place you’re renting doesn’t have its own utility providers, you’ll need to arrange it yourself in advance. Starting with electricity and internet, it can be as easy as visiting the provider's website (or call) and organise for the transfer and set up.

Take measurements

Start by looking at the flow plan and map out where you want to place your furniture and how it will fit in your new space. Check the measurements of the large items before you move it to strategise with your removalist (or friends) the best approach.

Tally in power points

Especially in a rental, most of the time the number of power points is limited. So stock up on extension cords and power boards, cable covers, wraps or protectors to hide the cords. Remember not to plug one power board into another as it’s a massive fire risk.

Easily accessible things

Unpacking might take a while when you move in, so prepare a basket or a box with essentials like some towels, toothbrush, toothpaste and toilet paper. Small things will be tucked away, so by preparing a basket of essentials, you can prepare for the move in without extra stress.

Waste and boxes

Generally, when you move, you will generate a lot of waste like boxes and other packing materials. Don’t just throw them away, someone else might need them, so put them up on your Facebook page or local community group page and let them know you have boxes and packing materials to give away.

If you do decide to hold on to them for the next move, dedicate a space where you can store it. This could be in your garage or in a storage cupboard.

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