Property Features Attracting Overseas Buyers

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The Sunshine State is a vast land of endless beaches, tropical islands, and balmy weather all-year-round. So, it comes as a no surprise that Queensland attracts those who want to make their dreams of the picturesque outdoor lifestyle come true, no matter if they are from interstate or overseas.

But what is it that they are looking for in their property?

It’s no surprise with our weather, that the swimming pool comes is the most searched term from buyers who are looking to purchase a property in Queensland.

Along with this staple backyard feature, having a garage or an off-street parking space, air-conditioning and waterfront views are also important for property-seekers.

If you are thinking of selling your property, these attributes can make your property even more attractive for people moving to the Queensland. With the increasing demand, it’s good to consider your options and market trends to decide whether it’s time for you to sell your property.

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