Property marketing proven to make a difference to buyers

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The more buyers can engage with your property online, the better they can imagine it as their home, and it has now been proven it can provide an 87% better buying experience* – meaning how you market your home really does make a difference to a buyer! 

By being able to digitally furnish, renovate, decorate and tour a home in a fully immersive 360▫ environment, buyers are given more impetus to contact the agent, attend the OFI and is overall more interested in the property for sale. 

In an independent research conducted on listings offering buyers these different ways to engage with a property online compared to those without, the results concluded: 

  • 77% more likely to contact the agent based on listings that featured VR tours. 
  • 62% more interested in the property for sale on listings that allowed buyers to digitally renovate the kitchen. 
  • 47% more likely to attend an OFI on listings that gave buyers a fully furnished 3D Floorplan. 

If you want to get better results for your property for sale, using proven property marketing tools that drive buyer action, contact your local Coronis Salesperson about DIAKRIT today.

*TRA Buyer Research conducted by TRA ( 2019 


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