"Rentvesting" - What Is It & Why Is It Popular?

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Have you considered Rentvesting as an investment strategy?

Rentvesting is when the owner rents out their property while living in another rental property.

A recent survey shows that while barely 20 per cent of investors are currently rentvesting, close to half the respondents would consider it.

In some situations, it may be more affordable to rent a home in a popular location than to buy. Conversely, suburbs with affordable properties for sale may not always be the ideal residence for the broader population. The strategy of Rentvesting takes into consideration these factors and allows the flexibility to live in a suburb of choice, while owning property in a more affordable suburb.

This is an excellent investment strategy both for investors new to the property market, and empty nesters who are considering downsizing and creating more wealth for themselves in retirement.

Interested in how much you can rent your property for? Download a rental value report today.

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