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With Winter around the corner, energy bills can jump up quickly and it can be an important time to look at all your main expenses. One of these main expenses can be groceries. 

From experts in budgeting, chefs and of course, our wise and frugal grandparents and parents, here’s just a few tips to save money on groceries and food.

1. Make a weekly meal plan and shopping list. Shop weekly rather than daily 
If there is food in your pantry, you are less likely to order take away. Planning your weekly meals will stretch your food dollars further.

Look at the specials and plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week.  Focus on your lunch bill too – buying lunch every day at work rather than BYO becomes very expensive. You could easily save $10-$15 per day by bringing in your own lunch.  If that seems super daunting, What about culling back early in the week (prepare on Sundays and bring leftovers on Monday-Wednesday) – you will still be happy with the savings you can make.

Once you’ve planned the week and looked at the supermarket Catalogues to see what’s on sale, aim to go shopping once a week at the same time – it will help with meal planning and makes sure you don’t stop for takeout on the way home from work.

2. Your Shopping List
Check it twice. And don’t buy anything that is not on your list. Even if it is on sale! 

3. Never go shopping hungry
This is my mother’s personal favorite!  If you shop hungry, your stomach will choose for you and you are likely to overspend.

4. Cook dinner with lunch in mind
See Item 1 above! Make more food than just for dinner, double your recipes so leftovers are tomorrow’s lunch.

5. Always keep Dry Goods
Pasta, rice, legumes are fantastic ways to stretch out meals and save money. Always have them on hand. Not only do they store for ages, they are quick to make into meals and are relatively cheap to buy.

6. Delete your food delivery apps from your phones
This tip makes a lot of sense. Out of sight, out of mind, having to download apps again makes ordering more time consuming and harder!

7. Use your freezer
Whether you are cooking for one, two or a larger family, eating the same meal all week can be both sad and boring! So, why not freeze your meals and then add the frozen meals to your weekly planning schedule.

8. Beware of the bakery section at the supermarket or bakeries in general!
The smell of freshly baked bread, cakes and cookies is a temptation to most of us. You can smell these aromas as soon as you enter the supermarket or shopping centre.  See Points 2 and 3 above!

Here’s some more great tips from Canstar.

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