Self Isolating? Here's Five Ways To Keep Busy!

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Whether you’re quarantining yourself or exercising responsible social distancing during COVID19, the chances are is that we will all be spending more time reacquainting ourselves with our home and less time partaking in any outside activities that are not essential. 

For our clients, whether homeowners or tenants, we’ve compiled a list of things to do to keep preoccupied and combat and boredom. 

Bring forward Spring Cleaning 

Fridge/freezer unorganized and hoarding sauces from last year that you used once? Pantry potentially stocking the same three pasta packets, all opened and half used? A linen closet that doesn’t just have towels and sheets but also odd presents you received from Christmas last year and tried to hide away? Now is the perfect time to go through and throw away/donate anything that is inedible, or hasn’t been used and forgotten about. Any food that is still good, itemise work out meals that could be created from what you already have instead of panic buying. Complete those odd-jobs now while you have the time to do it and you’ll feel so much better about your home. 


No, we don’t mean check-in on Facebook. Instead check-in on your older or more vulnerable friends and relatives over the phone or through a video call or an online game you can play together. Older Australians will be more cut off from society then us, so why not set a reminder to give your grandparents a call every other day? 

Try Your Green Thumb and become a more sustainable household 

Plants are proven to help reduce anxiety! Planting a few pots, whether on your balcony or in your living/bedroom are a great addition to help ease some of the stress during the current situation. Plus it will make your place feel so much more alive and nicer. 

While you’re trying out your green thumb, why not look at ways to become more sustainable? Whether it’s starting a compost bin and/or planting some herbs/vegetables, it’s a great time that can keep yourself and kids busy, while also providing some yummy goods! 

DIY Projects 

Get crafting! We recommend checking out Pinterest for any DIY projects that you could get your hands on for yourself or the kids. 

Movies/Books Bucket Lists 

Ever seen those Classic movie/book bucket lists? Now’s the time to start getting a bit more cultured and work your way ticking them off! Better yet a Harry Potter marathon will kill two days of boredom for you if you factor in food, sleep and bathroom breaks. Time to get the popcorn ready! 


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