Selling? Get The Most For Your Property

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If you're thinking of selling, here are five things around the house you need to check to pique buyers' interest without having to lower your asking price.

Walls & Floors
Small cracks in walls might not be a concern, but more significant cracks may need to be inspected by a professional to evaluate the foundation of the property. Sunken flooring can also suggest similar problems, all of which can cost up to $40,000 to fix the underpinning of the house.

Roof & Windows
Structural parts of the house are essential to protect the interior of the property. Damaged roofs can cause leaks and deteriorated window frames can compromise the property's security.

Termites & Pests
Termites can cause a lot of damage even if the cosmetic symptoms seem like minor wear and tear in the walls and floors. Make sure you organise pest control early as it can take time to come into effect.

The mention of the word alone may be enough to be a deal-breaker for prospective buyers. It presents a risk of exposure, and its removal will require asbestos specialists and even possibly rebuilding.

Electricity & Plumbing
Older electrical boxes allude the age of the wiring and could suggest to buyers that the house needs rewiring. Similarly, copper pipes under the kitchen sink show the age of the plumbing around the house.

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