Simple Updates to Make Buyers Fall in Love With Your Property


With the new year come new challenges. There’s something about starting the year anew and nothing else feels refreshing like updating the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Here’re 20 simple ways you can update your home without major fixer upper.

1. Repaint the front door

Your front door is on the top list of first impressions, so don’t underestimate its importance. For this year, consider pantone colours like sunshine yellow and gray.

2. Declutter

The easiest way to approach decluttering is by unpacking everything, giving it a good clean and then put back what you really need and want to keep using.

3. Integrate your art

If you have art pieces around your home, make most of it. Professional framing makes the art look even more beautiful, so keep that in mind if you have art pieces that you can hang on the wall.

4. Mix interior design styles

Mixing some styles of family heirlooms or vintage items with contemporary furniture and decor can really compete with one another.

5. Utilise your storage space

Having enough storage space is one of the main priorities for many home buyers, so make sure you make most out of the space you have. Think of the space you have in the roof, under the floor, or integrated space into the larger rooms.

6. Refresh the paint

Giving your interior and exterior a fresh look with a new coat of paint can really transform the look and feel of your home.

7. The rule of three

This rule is about helping you choose your next paint colour. Always try out at least three variations of the colour you think you want on your walls before committing.

8. Fresh set of eyes to help you

It’s always a good idea to ask a friend’s help to get a new perspective on your home. You might just find a unique solution or inspiration for your place.

9. Small things matter

This refers to smaller parts of your interior like door frames, plastering, balustrades, or the insides of your balcony. Giving them a quick fresh coat of paint can help transform your home.

10. Integrate indoor and outdoor areas

Connect these two areas of your home with large doors and windows as it will make it look visually lighter and more spacious.

11. Refresh outdoor space

This means adding new cushions, outdoor drinks trolley, or a fire pit.

12. Accessorise your home

Accessories can give your home an uplifted look and feel. Try visiting an op-shop to see if you can find any unique vintage items like vases and other decor pieces.   

13. Add landscaping to your garden

Depending on your garden and its location, it can have a different purpose. Do you want it to complement your outdoor kitchen? Or do you want to integrate it into your entertaining area? Keep in mind that good landscaping can even add value to your property.

14. Be lighting smart

Replace outdated fixtures, bulbs and switches and incorporate warm lighting options into your home. Using smart lights can be a good addition as well.

15. Update your bedroom

A new bedhead can give your bedroom a holiday/resort feel.

16. What’s your new colour pallet?

If you’re a regular on Pinterest, you might know what colours are on-trend. While it’s much easier to switch up the decor to a relevant colour, keep neutral tones on your walls and other more long-lasting areas.

17. Become the fan of the ceiling fan

If you don’t have a ceiling fan in your home already, it is a great, more cost-effective addition to your rooms. Plus there’re some beautiful and stylish ceiling fans out there that can add a nice touch to your home.

18. New textiles

This includes new rugs, cushion covers, bedding, towels and smaller items alike. It’s one of the quickest ways to immediately transform your space.

19. Install skylights

Kitchen, dining, and living spaces can really benefit from skylights, just avoid installing them in bedrooms and retreat areas.

20. Your timber might need a new colour

Staining your timber with slightly muddy tones will add character and create a more elegant atmosphere.

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