Tenant Guide to Garden Maintenance

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Living in a rental property with a garden is fantastic, especially in Queensland with our lovely warmer months and frequent opportunities for outdoor entertaining.

However, gardens do require maintenance, a chore that not everyone enjoys. At times, garden maintenance can be a source of disagreements between tenants and landlords.

Check your Tenancy Agreement

Unless your tenancy agreement states otherwise, tenants are responsible for ensuring the garden is maintained to the standard set at the beginning of the tenancy. This maintenance would cover chores such as work in the yard – mowing, edging and weeding, small pruning and even fertilising.

Your landlord or property manager on their behalf, would mainly be responsible for major work such as providing and maintaining the irrigation system, cleaning gutters and tree lopping, pruning larger trees and cutting back overhanging branches (particularly, branches near power lines).

The responsibility for chores can vary, so it’s best to check what is listed in the Tenancy Agreement as well as the Entry Condition Report and Exit Condition Report. If you are not sure, please contact your property manager.

Responsibility for removing fallen branches may vary depending on the circumstances. Tenants are usually responsible to clear away smaller branches that are easy to lift and manage. Larger branches may need specialist equipment to remove – and will usually be the property manager/owner’s responsibility. 

And although the landlord is generally responsible for keeping gutters clean, it is the tenant’s responsibility to advise your property manager of any potential blockages or water leaks.

If you need the professional help of a gardener, talk to your Property Manager who can organise a no obligation quote.

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