Tenants Possessions And Contents Insurance

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Many tenants in Australia take a financial risk because they do not protect their valuable belongings while they are renting a home.

As a tenant, it is sometimes hard to know what you might need insurance for. You might think that nothing will happen or that you don’t have many valuables to protect. Some tenants believe (incorrectly) that their contents are covered under their landlord’s insurance policy.

Why it’s important to take out Renters insurance

Renters insurance is important because while you might be living in someone else’s home, the home is still your home – with all your items in it!

Be financially realistic and really understand the cost to you of replacing your stuff! Your furniture, phones, laptops, iPads, appliances, clothes, make up or jewellery. Some people can underestimate these costs.

Renters insurance is designed to cover you for the replacement value of these items and depending on the policy you choose; it can also cover you for damage to your landlord’s house and fixtures you may be responsible for.

Protecting yourself, covering damage and loss due to theft and attempted theft, storm or water damage will help provide real peace of mind. And help ensure you don’t end up with debt from having to cover these costs.

Types of Contents insurance

Insurance policies will differ as some tenants could seek different benefits and the option of covering personal items taken when they leave the house (or even when travelling) such as a laptop or bicycle.

Coronis is here to help. We have partnerships with insurers such as EBM Insurance who can help you protect your belongings from loss or damage caused by insured events such as fire, theft and storm. EBM offers TenantCover, a Policy designed especially for renters.

For more information, see www.ebminsurance.com.au/personal-cover/tenant-cover.php

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