Things To Do Before Selling Your Home

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There are a few things you need to do before you decide to even start the search for an agent. 

Download a Free Report On Your Home

Firstly, you need to be sure that selling is the right move. We offer a free report that will provide you with information on previous sales history and recent sales in your area, that will give you some understanding of whether your house is worth as much as you think it is. You can find this at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.

Find All The Paperwork

Anything you can think of that a new buyer might need. This includes operating manuals for appliances, hot water, air conditioning units etc. Warranty documents on things that will be remaining with the home are a must. Get out all your utility bills as seasonal costs of living in the home can be used as a selling point by a good agent. Even locate things like information on the paint colour of your walls. All these things are extremely helpful to the prospective buyer.

Get Maintenance Estimates and Quotes

If you've got some things on your home that might be in need of repairs, now or later, having written quotes on the repair work is a great thing to have with you in negotiation. Stop buyers from haggling down on price.

Fix The Mailbox!

The mailbox is the first impression. If you have a dinged up mailbox it puts prospective buyers on edge straight away!

Garage Sale

You've probably dreamt of it for years, now's the perfect time. You've got a ton of stuff you're going to want to get rid of. Time to declutter. With people coming into the home you're going to need to present it in tip top condition and those old ornaments you found at Vinnies aren't going to cut it. 


Maybe left til last but you're going to need to take away all the family touches. Take down all the photos and kids trophies and store them for your next home. It's hard to visualise yourself living in a home that still has the smiling faces of the current occupants in it.

Spring Clean

Clean EVERYTHING. You've got to make it spotless for the open homes. This is the time when you have to pull the stove out, pull the fridge out and get in behind them and clean out the really nasty stuff.

Detail the Yard

Weed the garden, prune the shrubs, mow the lawn, whippersnip, do it all.

Remove Evidence of Pets

If people know you had pets living inside, your simply going to have a tougher time selling. 

Research Agents

You'll want to do some research on the best real estate agents in the area. Ask your neighbours, your friends and family as they're going to be the best barometer. Failing that look for signs as the agent with the most signs in the area is likely to be the best agent in the area. Last thing to consider is their own personal marketing. While it's a case of what they say about themselves vs. what others say about them, an agent who takes care of their branding is more likely to take care of marketing your property than someone who doesn't.

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